Ladies and gentlemen, welcome!

My name is Alena Adrianet Heinrichová and I am the owner and designer of the jewelry brand Adrianet. Ever since I was a little girl, I have been fascinated by strong and brave women. When other girls wanted to become Sleeping Beauty, I wanted to become Xena, the Princess Warrior. And this is exactly the idea behind my jewelry; I make it for all the women who are brave, strong and unique. For those women who love being themselves in the purest sense of the word.

I specialize in jewel tops – something between clothes and jewelry. They cover a significant part of the body but they are still very light. A unique accessory under which you can wear only simple unicoloured dress. It is perfect for occasions when you want to feel really special. 

These days I concentrate especially on crafting jewels belonging to two main sets: Diva and Fantasy.

The Goddess of the Moment
There is a mixture of voices buzzing in the hall. You enter. Silence falls. You quietly pass by a group of men. Like a dream. Like a Goddess.
Jewelry designed for special events – that is Diva. For women strong, brave and still beautiful.
In this set you can find especially pearl tops. They are made of first class Czech glass pearls and silvered components. They are light and have a spark of true elegance. 

The Time of Queens
The thud of hoofs. Wind in your hair. Starlight. You are dancing in the raindrops. Fate is in your hands.
The Fantasy set is designed for everyday use as well as for special occasions. It is for all women who hide a little magic inside. 

The brand was founded in 2010 and you could see jewelry by Adrianet at the Eclat de Mode – Bijorhca Exhibition in Paris, Prague Fashion Weekend or the fashion show Top Secret.

I regularly attend the Grace’n’Glamour fashion market in Prague, come and take a look! You will be excited by the elegant atmosphere and the craft of the Czech Republic’s best fashion designers.
It is possible to arrange a consultation by appointment in Brno or Prague. 

Yours Adrianet 


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