We’re s.polu — Poli Davydenko + Lukáš Dobeš, which means together in Czech and also in means of living+working+sewing as young designer couple, currently present in Brno, Czech republic. Although we’re simultaneously at work we produce only little series of few backpacks in a period, with an interest in our work and first of all, together. Therefore backpacks are constantly slowly evolving and changing over time – even shapes and colors can vanish out of stock or be replaced by another. So don’t hasitate too long if you like one!

The main feature of our bags is the fabric it’s made of — It’s cellulose, strenghtened and impregnated former wood pulp, a vegan ‘eco alternative to leather’, which even takes the look of recycled paper on one side and it’s leather-like on the other one — it’s strong, washable and still it reshapes as one’s back moves. Whole design of the bag revolves around simplicity and residuelessness. Lined zippers serve as straps meaning only you decide if you’ll wear a classic backpack or zip you’ll zip it together, making one-strap bag to carry over one shoulder while another one encloses whole bag by one magnetic pin. By the way, in case you’re a photographer you’ll benefit from having an extra fill light around all the time!


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