Petra Hamplova

I devoted my time to glass fashion jewellery design. I make small glass objects and handmade glass art figures which I combine with products of nature into various scenic designs. This way I create diminutive glass fantasy worlds that originate from vegetative forms of life. 

I successfully finished my studies at secondary glass school in Železný Brod Town, branch Glass figures. Glass manufacturing and lampworking has been a traditional subject of interest and an object of production in Železný Brod Town for a long time.

Glass processing showed me how to respect material and also fire. After finishing my secondary school I continued with my studies of Restoration of Mural Paintings and I dedicated several years of my life to my restoration practice. 

Then one day I finally bought my own glass torch thanks to the inspiration from a friend. So now I make glass figures and beads from composing and lampworking glass rods which are melted with help of a torch. These glass rods are of the Czech provenance.

I gradually started to make my own unique glass bijouterie and my jewellery became something special not only for me, but also for my female clients. Thanks to this experience I can share my enthusiasm and sense of originality with other women and help them to create their own passions.


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